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Luu Dan was founded in 2021 by designer Hung La, a first-generation Vietnamese American currently residing in London. Like many Asian Americans, Hung La grew up instilled with elitist expectations, expectations he vehemently rejected. Instead, Hung La rebelled against the norm and embraced the deviant within him. Luu Dan is the non-conformist, or the "dangerous man" as it is translated from Vietnamese. The brand is unapologetically imbued with a spirit of refusal. Hung La's designs take inspiration from triads and gangs, charging its garments with a menacing energy. Having previously worked under Nicolas Ghèsquiere of Balenciaga and Phoebe Philo at Céline, Hung La balances chaos with structure, and his collections are developed fully to present La's vision of the new Asian - Asians untethered by tradition and fuelled with defiance.