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The Two-9 Atlanta music collective is excited to launch their new clothing collection, "Road Two FRVR." Designed by Two-9, along with OriginalFani, Irwan Awalludin, and Kreemo, the clothing line serves as an extension of the energy and rebelliousness that's evident in the group's core musical sound and lifestyle, a line that eschews trend-chasing in favor of creating something new and unique, with each member having an influence in the creative process and design style. More than merely a music collective, Two-9, founded in the year 2009, is a family (two members of the crew are, in fact, brothers), and as such the "Grave Dirt" pieces in the new collection make a strong statement about the meaning and staying-power of family. The result is a line that represents the true aesthetic of Two-9, collectively and individually, and the line is now available exclusively via the Two-9 online shop and an upcoming in-store at the popular Wish boutique in Atlanta.