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Sneaker Coffin

At the very core, we are sneakerheads. We are fully immersed in the sneaker culture and understand the needs of those like-minded individuals who are serious about their collection. It started out as a simple problem. We needed a better way to store our collection other than the flimsy boxes which are often pre-damaged and, truth be told, an eyesore compared to the actual shoes that lay inside. We sought for a solution. It had to be beautiful, sturdy, and stackable for consistency. No longer would we settle with unevenly sized piles of shoeboxes that could topple at any given moment. With this determination, we committed ourselves to designing the most resilient and attractive product to not only protect but also showcase a collection worthy of admiration. This is just the beginning. The sneakerhead community deserves more and we’re diligently working towards providing top quality products to solve our common problems. We promise to continue partnering with the best in technology and create quality products by utilizing only top tier manufacturers in the world. Stay tuned — we can’t wait to share all of our developments with you.