“PORTER” was launched in 1962 as Yoshida & Co.’s original brand. The brand became synonymous with high-quality, "Made in Japan” bags. We are particular about our material, accessories for bags, and sewing technique. We have aimed to make the bags that can be used for a long time and loved by all generations. The brand name “PORTER” was inspired by hotel porters who recognize the quality of bags, having spent their livelihoods handling them.


We are pleased to announce a new color "IRON BLUE" from the TANKER series, which is synonymous with PORTER. This "IRON BLUE" is an elegant original color that has been made into a deep shade of the traditional Japanese color "Tetsukon". The "TANKER" series, introduced in 1983, uses an original fabric developed with the U.S. Air Force's "MA-1" flight jacket as its motif. It has a three-layer structure: nylon twill on the front, polyester cotton in the middle, and nylon taffeta on the back. This three-layer fabric is very light and has a soft bonding texture, and the vivid rescue orange color on the back is very attractive. Celebrating the launch of IRON BLUE color, some exclusive collection and collaboration items teamed up with 5 brands/famous artist are launched as well and they are on sale.