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Made In Paradise

Typically the word Paradise is used when describing a place of bliss or delight, which we felt was quite fitting, as this is a sentiment that is commonly shared amongst individuals who grew up in the polluted paradise that is Hong Kong. Ironic we know, as Paradise is a term usually associated with crystal clear beaches and panoramic views, but for the brands founders, it's the devil they know. Made In Paradise was founded by childhood friends Maurice Maghnagi and Vishal Sani, it's purpose, to create a Men's lifestyle brand oriented around swimwear, that relates to the urban man. Throughout their childhood, growing up in Hong Kong, Maghnagi and Sani, were surrounded by a healthy diet of 90's Hip Hop, Graffiti, Skateboarding, Contemporary Art, Arcading, Basketball, Urban Clothing and continual Philandering. A story that most men and Streetwear brands these days can associate themselves with.