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Interview with NemeN: Introducing A New Era of Tactical Garments

Combining traditional Italian tailoring and craftsmanship with technical elements, NemeN is a label with an ongoing mission to innovate fabric experimentation and garment dye techniques. The brand develops all fabrics with a meticulous approach meant to push the research to new levels, taking inspiration from tradition and industrial processes at the same time with the aim to creates unique pieces born from a conflict between handcrafted and cutting-edge design. Founder Leonardo Fasolo is a big fan of designer Massimo Osti, who had led collections for C.P. Company and Stone Island, and has invented a new era of menswear with his inspirations in functional clothing and garment dying. To learn more about the vision of the designer and his inspirations, Fasolo joins us for a chat about the essence of NemeN and his outlook for the label.

HBX: What goes behind the inspiration of your designs?

NemeN: Every design we do is usually an evolution of a previous experiment, so a lot of inspiration comes from our archive of fabrics, garments, and prototypes. Research and the functionality of garment construction combined with advanced materials and dyeing processes have a great influence on all our design applications.

HBX: We see the pride of your garments as being ‘Made in Italy.’ How has being based in the city of Milan and/or Italian influences shaped the brand?

NemeN: In many ways, NEMEN® couldn’t exist in the way it does outside of Italy. Beyond the heretical knowledge of Italian garment production and that many of the textiles and dyeing techniques we use are only possible in Italy. ’Made in Italy’ is also very much about the people and an approach in doing things to achieve the best possible results, which makes it especially unique. We have full integration with production and we can work with the best production companies in the world with a common goal to achieve the highest quality products, pushing our limits over every season towards new heights of experimentation.

HBX: How has being mentored by Stone Island founder Carlo Rivetti influenced your path as a designer?

NemeN: I was fortunate as it allowed me to gain access to the vast knowledge and expertise that is the Stone Island team. Which allowed me to take a big step forward when it came to my own path.

HBX: Are there any brands or designers you would want to collaborate with in the future?

NemeN: We have some nice collaborations in the works which I have to keep a lid on for now, but I’m looking forward to revealing them in the near future.

HBX: How do you envision Nemen progressing in the future? Are there any 2020 goals or milestones that the brand hopes to achieve in the new year?

NemeN: Our approach is much the same as it ever was. We don’t pay much attention to trends or hype and instead prefer to grow in an organic way. Focusing on the product, our goal is to continue to create the best possible garments we can achieve and that more people will come to discover the value of what we do. Preserving the rich ‘Made in Italy’ heritage for the future.

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