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A New Experience...

Many artists like Mondrian, Georges Seurat or Le Corbusier, each have one thing in common: They’ve understood the ‘Golden Ratio’ to its fullest extent and have utilized this fundamental aspect of design to guide their great works. For us, as HBX, and as a curated e-commerce and lifestyle platform by HYPEBEAST, we take you through the transition of a new experience. The new visual identity of HBX is an architectonic concept that draws inspiration from brutalism, and is an embodiment of the golden ratio.

The idea of ‘brutalism’ reflects our philosophy of how we present the brands that we carry; Like an empty museum, HBX is stripped of any unnecessary design.

Brutalism is raw, minimal and utilitarian – a great departure from the usual sense of any style that is “romantic” — where its designs strip away of any novelty or unnecessary form. The style became popular between the ’60s-’70s, characterized by its monolithic structures that purposefully leave the substrate and untreated bareness of material revealed. Back then, it was symbolic of strength as well as a reflection of post-war cynicism. As we transition into our new visual identity, we’re left with the golden ratio, one of the governing principles of brutalism and design.

The golden ratio is ubiquitous. It is a mathematical formula that’s been used for over two millennia of history – a formal synthesis of logic, beauty and art. The traditional golden ratio comes in the form of rectangles that guides the focal point of the design. It acts as the blueprint for anything that makes sense to the eye. From the Parthenon statues in Ancient Greece to Da Vinci’s De divina proportione, the heritage of this sacred ratio has been an essential part of design.

The fathers of Modernism like Le Corbusier also used the golden ratio to create a new language or systems that could be applied universally. This is in line with how we value finding beautiful things that are good for everyone. HBX is a curation of anything that has universal aesthetic and functional appeal.

Thank you for all the support. We are excited to present to you an exciting new chapter for us. Stay tuned for more announcements on upcoming new experiences.