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The origin of Dime began in 2005, when a group of teenagers (Antoine Asselin, Phil Lavoie, Bob Lasalle, Hugo Balek, Charles Rivard, Eric Riedl and Alexis Lacroix) began posting silly yet impressive skate videos to the backdrop of nostalgic 90s hip-hop beats. They soon gained a following in Canada and decided to make their first batch of 100 T-shirts at a local print shop, under the original name “Dimestore Crew”. Soon enough, “Dime” was born with a solidified place in the local Canadian skate scene, and is now globally known for their effortless yet trendy vibe. With oversized silhouettes, minimalistic designs and an old-school colour palette, Dime is a nod to the retro 90s culture, as they continue to evolve from a fashion label to a brand of lifestyle.